Marina Astakhova’s caleidoscopic art.

Marina Astakhova is a multidisciplinary artist. A distinctive features of her creative method are vibrating abstract geometric ornaments based on the traditions of Russian avant-garde, op-art, orphism and post-painterly, hardedge abstraction.

Abstract art in the understanding of the author should stimulate the conscious process of contemplation. It connects the artist’s process of making with a viewer’s experience of looking, both bases on deep concentration. Abstract art is to highlight the complex nature of seeing.

The work is to observe nature in the multiplicity of its dimensions, and transform personal observation of the world through the sequence of elements on the canvas.

In the artistic practice of Marina Astakhova, geometric compositions with acrylic on canvas resonate with interior sculptures and panels made of wood. The artist’s work is characterized by a constant structural experiments with colours, shapes, artistic techniques and materials in search for harmony of all elements.

Lives and works in Moscow.

Galleries representation:

RIVA Gallery (Moscow), MUHA Gallery (Moscow), CANVAS Gallery (Cyprus).

Marina Astakhova’s works can be seen in the interiors of houses and offices in Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Hong Kong, UAE. The works are published in the magazines – AD Magazine, Elle Decoration, Salon.


2021 DETALI art school – abstract art workshop of Natalia Sitnikova.

2020 Moscow School of Contemporary Art, British High School of Art and Design – Practice and Theory of Contemporary Art

2010 – 2015 Workshop of painting and sculpture of Irina Krasnoshlykova

2023  Group exhibition at Hermitage museum branch in Vyborg

2023 Solo project at Gardarika Art Festival, St-Petersburg

2023 Group exhibition at Zdes na Taganke Gallery, Moscow

2023 Group exhibition in RIVA Gallery, Moscow

2023 Group exhibition “Abstractly think” gallery Promgraphics, Moscow

2022 Personal exhibition “Happy Color Formula”, Hidden Gallery, Moscow

2022 Digital exhibition ME IS PRESENT of the metaverse platform ARTOCRATIA

2022 Exhibition “Art in the House”, gallery “Bogorodskoe”, Moscow Department of Education

2022 Group exhibition PassionFruit Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA

2021 Exhibition in DC Gallery, Moscow

2020 Exhibition Az-Art of Moscow Artists’ Union, Moscow

2020 Exhibition Abstract Geysers – SABROS Gallery, Moscow

2019 Exhibition “Monochromes and Abstract Graphics” – SABROS Gallery, Moscow

2019 International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Renoir Award” – Milan, Italy

2019 Exhibition of Contemporary Painting BelArt Moscow – Niko Gallery, Moscow

2019 The Venice Guests (Venice) – Loretta Larkin Gallery, Venice, Italy

2019 Talantexpo at Gostiny Dvor, Moscow

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