Marina Astakhova’s fascinating art.

Rainbow shining through drops of rain, splashes of light on gemstones, shining windows at night. Abstract art in Marina’s perspective is always about emotion – pure emotion, expression of her feelings about the beauty of world around us. Abstract works speak universal language with people. Joyful bright pictures have mission to give our life a positive mood. We always strive to find balance in life, contemplation of ornamental abstract works helps us to calm the mind, to streamline thoughts.

Marina Astakhova is a Russian artist, whose works through an imaginative color kaleidoscope transform and reflect the versatility and harmony of the world around us.

A distinctive features of her creative method are shimmering and vibrating abstract geometric ornaments based on the traditions of op-art, orphism and post-painterly, hardedge abstraction.

In the artistic practice of Marina Astakhova, geometric compositions with acrylic on canvas resonate with interior sculptures and panels made of wood. The artist’s work is characterized by a constant desire to experiment with artistic techniques and materials.

Lives and works in Moscow.

Galleries representation: ArtIs (VinZavod) and Rose Gallery, Moscow.

Marina Astakhova’s works are in the interiors of houses and offices in Russia, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, USA, Hong Kong, UAE.


2020 Moscow School of Contemporary Art, British High School of Art and Design – Practice and Theory of Contemporary Art

2010 – 2015 Workshop of painting and sculpture of I.M. Krasnoshlykova

2020 Exhibition Az-Ar t-  Moscow Artists’ Union, Moscow

2020 Exhibition Abstract Geysers – SABROS Gallery, Moscow

2019 Exhibition “Monochromes and Abstract Graphics” – SABROS Gallery, Moscow

2019 International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Renoir Award” – Milan, Italy

2019 Exhibition of Contemporary Painting BelArt Moscow – Niko Gallery, Moscow

2019 The Venice Guests (Venice) – Loretta Larkin Gallery, Venice, Italy

2019 Talantexpo at Gostiny Dvor, Moscow

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